L2 The Smallest IMU RTK Means Survey Whenever You Need With No Matter About the Size

Issuing time:2022-10-28 14:09

We are very happy to welcome the new member of alphageo, L2 - the smallest IMU RTK The brand new packaging style breaks through the traditional packaging style and greatly saves your transportation costs. It is also the first device to support IOS operating system. AlphaGeo has been understanding the needs of customers all the time and making more distinctive products.

L2 is the smallest geodesic GNSS device in the world so far, with a mass of less than 170g. However, the sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs, it is equipped with a high-performance OEM board, and the number of channels has reached 1408. Supports all satellites and all frequency bands, and performs well even in complex environments.

In addition, this small body is also equipped with a fast initialization, calibration-free & immune to magnetic interference IMU module. All users can use this technology to collect or stakeout topo points up to 60°. Because of the ultra-small size of the device, it can basically meet the needs of various measurement scenarios, such as personnel positioning, the GIS industry, pipeline measurement and so on.

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